Virgin Islands National Park

Saint John is synonymous with the Virgin Islands National Park considering 60% of the island is located within the park.  There is so much unspoiled fun to be had.  Unlike anywhere else you may vacation, here on Saint John you will not be inundated with hotels on the beach with lots of tourist attractions.  You will be surrounded by the raw beauty of the island taking in the peace and tranquility.  The beaches are surrounded by coral reefs for your endless exploration.  Experience the ruins from 18th Century Sugar Plantations.  Hike til your hearts content and jump in the ocean when you’re finished.  It’s unlike anywhere else in the world!

You get to drive right up to most beaches, popular or remote, and spend your day soaking up the Caribbean fun in the sun feeling like you actually got away from it all.  It’s a feeling you take home with you and it’s all because of the island’s dedication to the VI National Park.  What’s worse, or maybe not, is that when you do get home, you can’t stop thinking about Saint John and the National Park and you just want to go back.  You’ll be hooked.  This is why so many visitors make Saint John their destination several times a year because they know they will truly be getting away from the daily grind, and experience the quietude and beauty of island life.


Salomon Beach

The VI National Park provides many services on Saint John.  There are fees at Trunk Bay in order to enjoy the beach, and for the boating community there are moorings within the bays which cost money in order to use.  Please click on the link for the Fees & Passes to learn more about rates.



Friends of the National Park

Friends of the National Park is a non-profit organization supporting the National Park Service with trail maintenance, educational programs, as well as gifts and souvenirs at their store.  You can make a donation for a specific passion on island you would like to see receive the money, or you can make a general donation and know Friends of the National Park will use the money for the betterment of the National Park Service on Saint John.  They accept checks by mail or you can stop by the National Park Visitor’s Center in Cruz Bay and make a donation in person.

If you are interested in volunteering, the Friends of the National Park have several programs and need help throughout the year.


VI National Park Volunteering

Whether you are a local resident or on vacation, the VI National Park can always use volunteers.  What a great way to give back to the treasure you enjoy while staying on island. There are a variety of projects and jobs to volunteer for such as:  Maintaining trails, provide guided hikes, Beach clean ups, Sea Turtle Restoration Project, helping out at the Visitor’s Center, and more.  They are always open to ideas of how you can put your skills to use volunteering for the Park.

Check to see what volunteering opportunities are available for the VI National Park at




Stay current and find out up-to-date news about the VI National Park.   So many Visitors and Locals alike share a passion for what is happening in the Park.   The Park has lots of news about current events, recent projects, and their need for public input on studies.


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