St. John Snorkeling

There is absolutely nothing more captivating than the underwater sea life of tropical fish and live coral reefs around Saint John.  The wow factor is what you take home with you, never to forget your day of snorkeling in the Bays or neighboring Cays, some only accessible by boat.  Whether you are walking in from the beach to snorkel, or on a Boat Charter jumping in, you are sure to be surprised and completely enamored by the many species of fish and live coral you will see on your underwater journey.  Please remember, some of the Coral is still recovering from the 2017 Hurricanes.  Never snorkel alone.

Lovango Cay

This private island is located north of Cruz Bay and offers clear water and diverse sea life. The island is only accessible by boat and Crescent Beach on the southern side is a very popular snorkeling destination. Or enjoy a fine dining mean or casual dining experience at the Sandpit with some great snorkeling right in the Bay.

Congo Cay

Congo Cay is located approximately 100 yards from Crescent Beach on the south side of Lovango Cay. Great Snorkel spot teaming with fish. Guests have seen Octopus, squid, turtles and rays in this location.

Henley Cay

Easy to get to on the North Shore of Saint John.  Guests love to snorkel the north side of the Cay although there can be a little current at times. Enjoy eagle rays, sea turtles, a plethora of tropical fish and live coral. This is one of the most popular snorkeling spots around Saint John.

Waterlemon Cay

Snorkelers flock to Waterlemon Cay as it is known for some of the best snorkeling just off the North Shore of Saint John near the end of the beaches. The reef is very healthy as you will experience a beautiful variety of sea turtles, stingrays, sea fans, tropical fish, and even small nurse sharks. The current can be strong at times and it is recommended to snorkel counterclockwise around the Cay.

Salt Pond -- Snorkeling

Salt Pond is one of the hottest places to snorkel on Saint John.  Remotely located on the South Shore, Salt Pond delivers when it comes to an amazing snorkeling experience.  There are large rocks in the middle of the bay surrounded by the most beautiful tropical fish in the world.  The Sea Turtles and Stingrays love this bay and regular sightings happen everyday.

Lameshur Bay

With a beautiful view of Bordeaux Mountain, Lameshur Bay has some of the most unspoiled reefs to be explored around Saint John. This secluded beach is very popular for boat charters as the Snorkeling is great on both sides, and especially nice toward Yawzi Point between Little and Great Lameshur.

Honeymoon Beach

Boat Charters love this stop as it is only accessible by boat or hiking on land. There is a nice shallow reef on the south side of the bay towards the point between Honeymoon Bay and Salomon Bay. The house on the point belongs to the National Park. Sealife commonly seen are sea turtles, stingrays, trunkfish, schools of surgeon fish, parrotfish, puddingwife, angelfish, squirrelfish, french grunt, squid, sea urchin, filefish and more.

Jumbie Beach

Right next to Trunk Bay, this off-the-beaten path little gem is very secluded and the snorkelers just love it.  The current can be rough sometimes.  This is surely a private oasis when it comes to snorkeling as you will see Triggerfish, Angelfish, as well as hard and soft coral in the deeper waters around the point.

Trunk Bay

Trunk Cay is a small island located inside Trunk Bay and adored by all Visitors and locals as it is a snorkeler’s delight!  Swim out from the beach to the Cay at your own leisure.   Be sure to try your hand at the Underwater Snorkeling Path.   Following along the Cay, the 225 yard long underwater path and is full of coral and tropical fish with Informational Plaques along the way to learn about the coral reefs.

Maho Bay

It’s all about the Sea Turtles. This popular Bay is filled with sea grass and attracts the Sea Turtles and Sting Rays like no other Bay around Saint John.  The Sea Turtles hang out mainly in the Center of the Bay, or you can head over to the sides of the Bay for lots of tropical fish and live coral, although be careful of the sea urchins.  Please be careful never to touch the turtles.   As well, there are protective areas on the beach.

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