St. John Hiking

Please click on the Hiking Trail links below to find out what a natural treasure Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands is when it comes exploring this tropical oasis!  Most of the trails are located within the Virgin Islands National Park with stunning views along the way unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  Choose a trail that’s right for you:  easy, moderate, or difficult.  One thing is for sure, you will be immersed in the natural wonders of this tropical oasis from history and ruins to the plant and wildlife surrounding you everywhere.  Some visitors need transportation to the many trail heads, so plan ahead for drop off and pick up.

TAKE PRECAUTIONS:  Wear closed toed shoes, reef-safe sunscreen, hat, and bring lots of water (lots).  Do not climb on historic ruins.  Be prepared for sun, bugs, and cactus.

If you are feeling like a dare devil, head straight to the Reef Bay Trail on the South Shore where you’ll hike down to the old Rum Factory ruins and the iconic Petroglyph carvings and waterfall, or take the Francis Bay Nature Trail on the North Shore for a meandering stroll on the Boardwalk along the beach as you will enjoy bird watching, tropical wild flowers, and unique native wildlife.

Many of the hikes are near the beaches, so remember your bathing suit and snorkel gear because there is nothing like jumping in the crystal blue Caribbean waters on or after a hike!

Click on trails for more info!

1.  Lind Point Trails – 1.1 miles, 1 hour
2.  Caneel Hill and Spur Trail – 2.4 miles, 2 hours
3.  Tamarind Trail – 0.4 miles, 20 minutes
4.  Peace Hill – 0.1 miles, 10 minutes
5.  Cinnamon Bay Nature Loop – 0.5 miles, 25 minutes
6.  Cinnamon Bay Trail – 1.1 miles, 1 hour
7.  Francis Bay Trail – 0.7 miles, 30 minutes
Annaberg Historic Trail – 0.2 miles, 30 minutes
8.  Leinster Bay Trail – 0.8 miles, 30 minutes
9.  Johnny Horn Trail – 1.8 miles, 2 hours
10.  Brown Bay Trail – 1.6 miles, 2 hours


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1. L’Esperance Trail – 2.5 miles, 3 hours
2.  Great Sieben Trail – .5 miles, 30 hours
Genti Bay Trail – 0.2 miles, 15 minutes
3 & 4.  Reef Bay & Petroglyph Trail – 2.2 miles, 2 hours
5.  Lameshur Bay Trail – 1.5 miles, 1 1/4 hours
6.  Europa Bay Trail – .25 miles, 20 minutes
7.   Bordeaux Mountain Trail – 1.2 miles, 1 1/2 hours
8.  Yawzi Point Trail – 0.3 miles, 20 minutes
9.  Tektite Trail – 0.7 miles, 1 hour
10.  Cabritte Horn Point Trail – .35 miles (Tektite trail extension)
11.  Ram Head Trail – 1.0 miles, 1 hour
12.  Drunk Bay Trail – 0.3 miles, 20 minutes
Salt Pond Bay Trail – 0.2 miles, 15 minutes


  •  Plan your hike with a map.
  •  Bring plenty of water and snacks, ½ gal of water for each four hours of hiking is minimum recommendation.
  •  When walking on the road please walk facing traffic when possible.
  •  Notify friends where you are going and when you will return.
  •  Many trails have limited (or no) cell phone access!
  •  Plan for ample time to allow for uphill terrain, exploring, swimming and enjoying the scenic rests.
  •  Stay on the trails.  Do not trespass on private property.
  •  Many trailheads have limited parking so plan to carpool or take a taxi.
  •  Wear cool, loose clothing and comfortable sturdy walking or hiking shoes.
  •  Use Insect repellent, especially during rainy seasons.
  •  Reef Safe Sunscreen is always recommended to protect our coral reefs.




  •  Avoid hiking or swimming alone.
  •  Pace yourself to prevent fatigue and watch your footing on wet rocks.
  •  DO NOT eat unknown fruits, nuts or berries. Some are poisonous.
  •  Avoid handling or picking vegetation. Some cause severe rashes or may have stinging insects.
  •  Do not climb on the fragile, historic structures, and leave all artifacts in place.
  •  Use extreme caution when walking on our narrow roads.
  •  Do not leave valuables unattended at any time.